Have you noticed any of the following?

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Loud rumbling or sputtering noises from beneath the car

This usually indicates a problem with your exhaust system. This should be checked to ensure it is only a minor issue such as a hole or disconnected pipe. Rather than something bigger, like a bad muffler.

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Greenish coloured fluid on your driveway or garage floor

This indicates your car is leaking radiator fluid. This may be a minor issue such as a bad fitting that needs alteration or as major as a cracked or penetrated radiator. If this problem goes unsolved you can risk causing permanent damage to your engine.

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Squeaking noises when you use your brakes

This can mean that your brake pads are nearing the end of their service life and need replacing. Failure to do so can wear out the brake hardware and cause more costly damage. If it gets to a point where your brakes are grinding this may have caused further damage to the braking system, which will need immediate attention.

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Friction or drag when driving and poor fuel economy

Your tyre pressure may need checking, or tyres may need replacing due to age and wear and tear. Your vehicle may also be in need of a wheel alignment – Hitting potholes, curbs and bumps in the road can all cause bad alignment. Get your wheels and tyres checked to help improve your fuel economy.

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Brown oil spots on your driveway or garage floor

They indicate that your vehicle is leaking motor oil. The problem could be as small as a drain plug or oil filter not secured tightly or as major as a gasket problem within the engine.

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Chirping or screeching sound from under the bonnet

This is usually an indicator that the Drive belts need replacing. This is a fairly simple wear and tear type of repair.

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